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How the left punishes "heretics"-----An Islamophobic progressive? |

An Islamophobic progressive? |
U.S. REP. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has again catapulted herself into the national spotlight by joining the mobilization of veterans to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with the water protectors against the Dakota Access Pipeline.
This act of solidarity seems to go with other pieces of evidence that mark her as a progressive: 

  • her resignation as vice chair of the Democratic National Committee over the rigging of the Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton; 
  • her endorsement of Bernie Sanders' left-wing primary campaign; 
  • her opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership economic agreement.

Yet many liberals were befuddled by Gabbard's decision, just before going to Standing Rock, to interview with Donald Trump, apparently in the hopes of securing an appointment to his administration. 
CNN reported last month that the bigoted billionaire president-elect is considering her for positions in "the Defense Department, State Department and the United Nations."
...Who is the real Tulsi Gabbard? 
Is she a progressive, an opportunist--or a wolf in sheep's clothing?
Image result for punish heretics...But Gabbard's political project is more disturbing than the usual opportunist behavior of a cynical and calculating politician. 
It flows from her commitment to Hindu fundamentalism. 
Gabbard is a devotee of the Hindu sect Gaudiya Vaishnavism and apparently a follower of a splinter group from the Hare Krishnas.
Like anyone else, Gabbard's religious affiliations, in and of themselves, should not be the subject of criticism. 
But in her case, they are connected to reactionary political positions. 

  • Thus, Gabbard has expressed deeply homophobic sentiments in common with the religious doctrine she embraces. 

Gabbard only recently disavowed her previous anti-LGBT bigotry when she decided to run for Congress in one of Hawaii's most liberal districts.

  • But while Gabbard may have ditched homophobia on the road to Washington, she has doubled down on Islamophobia.

...Gabbard ought to be regarded on the left as a bigoted wolf in sheep's clothing.

Steve Russo - Hillary Spent $1.2 Billion To Come In Second and...

Steve Russo - Hillary Spent $1.2 Billion To Come In Second and...:
"Hillary Spent $1.2 Billion To Come In Second and Trump Spent $600 Million Of His own Money and Still Had Money Left Over
What the hell did Hillary spend a billion and half on? 
There's only so many Mao pantsuits a woman can buy. 
She hardly was on the campaign trail. 
She left that up to other people like her husband and Obama. 
Most of the time she was "practicing" or resting, or falling down or nursing a hangover or doing ass kissing interviews with her adoring, in-the-pocket press. .."
All that money wasted and all she ended up with was a participation trophy. Congratulations..."

‘Fake news’: MSNBC anchor tells a whopper about Fox News – TheBlaze

‘Fake news’: MSNBC anchor tells a whopper about Fox News – TheBlaze:

"Over the last month, the subject of “fake news” has sent mainstream media into a defensive tailspin. But MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle had no problem concocting her own version of the truth about Fox News on Friday morning."

A lot of "Fake News" here-----Top 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Quotes From the Last 20 Years-from 2007

Top 10 Most Outrageous Liberal Media Quotes From the Last 20 Years
"To commemorate its 20th Anniversary, the Media Research Center has compiled the most outrageous liberal media quotes of the past two decades in a special edition of “Notable Quotables,”... 
1. Reviling Ronald Reagan “In the plague years of the 1980s -- that low decade of denial, indifference, hostility, opportunism and idiocy -- government fiddled and medicine diddled, and the media were silent or hysterical. A gerontocratic Ronald Reagan took this [AIDS] plague less seriously than Gerald Ford had taken swine flu. After all, he didn’t need the ghettos and he didn’t want the gays.”-- CBS’s John Leonard on “Sunday Morning,” Sept. 5, 1993.

2. Damn Those Conservatives “Corporations pay public relations firms millions of dollars to contrive the kind of grass-roots response that [Jerry] Falwell or Pat Robertson can galvanize in a televise d sermon. Their followers are largely poor, uneducated and easy to command.”-- Washington Post reporter Michael Weisskopf in a Feb. 1, 1993, news story.

3. Typical Liberal Compassion “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.... He is an absolutely reprehensible person.” -- USA Today columnist and Pacifica Radio talk show host Julianne Malveaux on Justice Clarence Thomas, Nov. 4, 1994, on PBS’s “To the Contrary.”

4. Fawning Over Bill and Hillary “If we could be one-hundredth as great as you and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been in the White House, we’d take it right now and walk away winners. . . . Tell Mrs. Clinton we respect her and we’re pulling for her.” -- Dan Rather to Bill Clinton at a May 27, 1993, CBS affiliates meeting, talking about anchoring with Connie Chung.

5. Three Cheers for Liberalism “It is liberalism, whether people like it or not, which has animated all the years of my life. What on Earth did conservatism ever accomplish for our country?” -- Charles Kuralt talking with Morley Safer on the CBS special, “One for the Road With Charles Kuralt,” May 4, 1994.

6. Talk Radio Terrorists “The bombing in Oklahoma City has focused renewed attention on the rhetoric that’s been coming from the right and those who cater to angry white men.... Right-wing talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Bob Grant, Oliver North, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Reagan and others take to the air every day with basically the same format: Detail a problem, blame the government or a group and invite invective from like-minded people.... Never do most of the radio hosts encourage outright violence, but the extent to which their at ti tudes may embolden or encourage some extremists has clearly become an issue.” -- Bryant Gumbel, co-host of NBC’s “Today Show,” April 25, 1995.

7. Dan’s Salute to ‘Honest’ Bill Host Bill O’Reilly: “Do you think President Clinton’s an honest man?” Dan Rather: “Yes, I think he’s an honest man.... I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.” -- Exchange on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” May 15, 2001.

8. Extolling Virtues of Fidel’s Prison “For Castro, freedom starts with education. And if literacy alone were the yardstick, Cuba would rank as one of the freest nations on Earth. The literacy rate is 96%.” -- Barbara Walters on ABC’s “20/20,” Oct. 11, 2002.

9. Apologizing for Awful America “It wasn’t supposed to be this way. You weren’t supposed to be graduating into an America fighting a misbegotten war in a fore ign land. You weren’t supposed to be graduating into a world where we are still fighting for fundamental human rights, whether it’s the rights of immigrants to start a new life or the rights of gays to marry or the rights of women to choose. You weren’t supposed to be graduating into a world where oil still drove policy and environmentalists have to fight relentlessly for every gain. You weren’t, but you are. And for that, I’m sorry.” -- From New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr.’s, May 21 graduation address at the State University of New York at New Paltz, shown on C-SPAN May 27, 2006.

10. Rosie vs. ‘Radical Christianity’ “As a result of the [9/11] attack and the killing of nearly 3,000 innocent people, we invaded two countries and killed innocent people in their countries.... Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.” -- Rosie O’Don nel l on ABC’s “The View,” Sept. 12, 2006.

Rich Lowry: To Kill a Pipeline — Again

Rich Lowry: To Kill a Pipeline — Again — The Patriot Post:
"One of the Obama administration’s core competencies is suspending pipeline projects with no cause.
It will leave office with another notch in its belt, now that the Army Corps of Engineers has acted to block a final piece of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
The 1,200-mile pipeline is designed to move oil from North Dakota to Illinois and will have to await completion in a Trump administration with a more rational attitude toward pipelines specifically and fossil fuels generally.
...There is no real defense, though, against protesters staging cable-TV-ready disturbances against a project and making it a cause celebre.
For the overwhelming majority of its route, the Dakota Access pipeline requires no permitting, since it traverses private land.
It’s the tiny percent that would affect waterways that made it subject to federal approval, and thus to political hostage-taking.
For the left, Dakota Access is a symbol. 
In reality, it is simply a means of moving half a million barrels of crude oil a day from Point A to Point B, an activity that shouldn’t be considered dastardly or untoward. 
Fortunately for Dakota Access, and everyone else in the energy industry, help is on the way."

Lunch video-----Global Warming Versus Global Greening


Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump's Authority, 'Criticize Our President' - Breitbart

Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump's Authority, 'Criticize Our President' - Breitbart:

"In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him. Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism."

Media Say We're In A Jobs Boom — We're Not

Media Say We're In A Jobs Boom — We're Not | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD:
"We keep reading in the media that the job market is on fire, that we're near full employment.
But it's a sad truth that the monthly jobs report doesn't really reflect what's going on in our hobbled economy.
..."You have to look beyond the headline numbers to understand the situation of the American workforce."
Indeed, troubling signs lurk beyond the "headline numbers."
Image result for obama unemploymentYes, a 4.6% jobless rate is nice — until you discover that the so-called U-6 gauge of unemployment, which shows the percentage of unemployed plus discouraged and underemployed workers, is 9.3%. 
That's a full half-percentage point above its level in December 2007, when the economy entered the Great Recession.
For the record, last month another negative milestone was hit:
The number of Americans not in the labor force surged by 446,000 to 95.1 million in just one month, to an all-time high. 
And no, those aren't all "baby boomers retiring," as some insist.
In fact, only about 73,000 baby boomers have retired each month since 2010.
Meanwhile, the labor force participation rate continues to fall.
It ticked down from 62.8% in October to 62.7% in November, and remains near its 38-year low.
The last time the data were in this vicinity was 1978, just as a record surge of baby boomers was entering the workforce for the first time.
Hourly earnings also turned down in November. 
That's strange, since normally wages rise during a jobs boom, if that's what this is supposed to be.
By the way, while hourly earnings rose 2.45% from a year earlier in November, that's still way below the average 3%-plus gains in earnings before Obama. 
That may be why the number of people holding down more than one job has hit an all-time high.
The often-provocative website Zero Hedge does some interesting math and comes up with this statistic:
Since 2014, the U.S. has added 571,000 waiter and bartender jobs, but lost 34,000 manufacturing jobs. 
If anyone wants to know why Donald Trump went out of his way to save 1,000 Carrier jobs from being moved to Mexico, that Zero Hedge calculation says it all.
So, no, we're not convinced of a jobs boom or anything like it. 
Given President Obama's poor performance on the jobs front, we'll have to wait for the new White House occupant for that."

Materials Stolen at Event on Censorship

Materials Stolen at Event on Censorship - The Michigan Review
The theft, presumably by protesters, seemingly confirmed to theme of the event: the threat of liberal censorship.
On Wednesday November 30, the University of Michigan chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) hosted David Horowitz for an event entitled “Progressive Censorship: The Left’s War on Your Freedom.”
The event, held in the Pendleton Room of the Michigan Union, drew a sizable crowd and, unsurprisingly, a few protesters.
Image result for liberal censorship...When the event ended, however, the materials that YAF had left out for late arrivals to peruse, including booklets and stickers, and the email sign up list to join the chapter list serve, had been stolen. 
On a piece of paper left at the table in place of the stolen materials, someone had scrawled “SHIT” as an apparent message to those who had organized the event.
The theft, presumably by protesters, seemingly confirmed to theme of the event: the threat of liberal censorship.
Grant Strobl told the Michigan Review, “The theft of our materials only confirms the title of our event ‘progressive censorship.’
If the left disagrees with you, they will silence you.”
The materials have yet to be returned and Strobl has filed a police report.
He says, “All we want is our sign up list, literature, Ronald Reagan calendars, and free speech stickers back.”

EMU ‘targets’ athletes, veterans for ‘manhood’ workshops

EMU ‘targets’ athletes, veterans for ‘manhood’ workshops:
"Michigan college has been awarded more than $100,000 to teach its male students, particularly athletes, fraternity members, and military veterans, about how “traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault."
Eastern Michigan University has, in fact, been awarded two consecutive grants by the state of Michigan, totaling a combined $105,112,...
EMU asserts in a press release that the objective of the “Men of Strength: Creating a Respectful Environment” (MOST CARE) program will be to “explore what Eastern’s male students can do to help reduce the incidence of sexual assault,” but also elaborates that one of its three main objectives will be to “promote an understanding of the ways in which traditional masculinity contributes to sexual assault.”
...She even noted that although her program is open to “any male student,” she has explicitly “targeted several intact male student groups for participation,” including “student athletes,” “Greek affiliated” males, “veterans,” “ROTC,” the school’s BrotherHOOD initiative, and “international students.”...

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under Obama | Daily Wire

A Complete List of Radical Islamic Terror Attacks on U.S. Soil Under Obama | Daily Wire:

"The President's claim — which he has repeated in some form or fashion over the last few years — is an obvious rhetorical attempt to gloss over the reality of the threat of radical Islamic terror on American soil. The attempt to disconnect "lone wolf" terrorists from the terror organizations who often inspire them does nothing to alleviate the pain of those who have suffered at the hands of jihadists and only hurts prevention efforts. Rhetorical tricks aside, the reality is that during Obama's tenure scores of innocent Americans have been murdered on U.S. soil by jihadists, most of whom were inspired by or acting under the direction of foreign terror groups, particularly the Islamic state."

BuzzFeed Caught Citing Fake Data To Fit Fake News Narrative

BuzzFeed Caught Citing Fake Data To Fit Fake News Narrative | The Daily Caller
"Since the election, BuzzFeed has been pushing the argument that “fake news” shared on Facebook won Donald Trump the White House.
The latest announcement from Facebook shows the listicle king probably used unreliable engagement data to reach that conclusion.
...Unfortunately for BuzzFeed, these flawed metrics were used by in its analysis of how influential fake news stories actually were on Facebook, noted Peterson.
BuzzFeed stacked the engagement numbers from the top 20 performing fake news stories against the top 20 performing mainstream media stories and found that fake stories had significantly more engagement over the last three months of the election.
To gather its data, BuzzFeed used two methods. 
The first was a full analysis from third party provider, BuzzSumo. 
The second, a URL search, which to reiterate, was announced to be faulty by Facebook on Friday morning. 
Facebook has stated it is not yet sure if the analytics errors over-inflate or under-inflate the actual engagement data, but that doesn’t change the fact that the numbers BuzzFeed used are blatantly incorrect. 
Additionally, this isn’t the first time BuzzFeed’s fake news analysis has proven to be a load of hogwash.  
It was recently revealed that its “Most Americans Who See Fake News Believe It” survey used a cheap polling service, with a laughable credibility interval, and a low number of respondents."

AM Fruitcake

History for December 10

History for December 10 -
Thomas H. Gallaudet 1787 - Pioneer of educating the deaf, Emily Dickinson 1830 - Writer, Dorothy Lamour 1914 - Actress

Tommy Kirk 1941 - Actor, Susan Dey 1952 - Actress ("L.A. Law," "The Partridge Family"), Kenneth Branagh 1960 - Actor, director

1845 - British civil engineer Robert Thompson patented the first pneumatic tires.

1901 - The first Nobel prizes were awarded.

1953 - Hugh Hefner published the first "Playboy" magazine with an investment of $7,600.

1958 - The first domestic passenger jet flight took place in the U.S. when 111 passengers flew from New York to Miami on a National Airlines Boeing 707.

1964 - In Oslo, Norway, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize. He was the youngest person to receive the award.

1984 - South African Bishop Desmond Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize.

1994 - Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin received the Nobel Peace Prize. They pledged to pursue their mission of healing the Middle East.

1998 - The Palestinian leadership scrapped constitutional clauses that rejected Israel's existence.

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The messy truth about Van Jones

The messy truth about Van Jones:

"Before he was pontificating on CNN airwaves, he was a top environmental official of the Obama administration. The special advisor for green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality held a special place in Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett's heart. The Chicago power broker took full credit at a fringe Daily Kos blogger conference for recruiting him and closely following his career."

WaPo Admits Key Part Of 'Fake News' Story Might Be Fake

WaPo Admits Key Part Of 'Fake News' Story Might Be Fake | The Daily Caller
"The Washington Post said a key part of its big story exposing “fake news” sites might not be credible Wednesday, writing in an editor’s note that the paper can’t “vouch for the validity” of a report heavily cited in the story.
“The post, which did not name any of the sites, does not itself vouch for the validity of PropOrNot’s findings regarding any individual media outlet, nor did the article purport to do so,” the note now running at the top of the story reads.
PropOrNot is an anonymous group that compiled a list of hundreds of sites they deemed “routine peddlers” of Russian propagandists, as part of a report on the Russian’s influence during the 2016 presidential election cycle.
The Washington Post used PropOrNot’s report prominently in its own story on how Russian propagandists created and leveraged fake news during the cycle.
One of the sites listed in PropOrNot’s report as “fake news” quickly demanded a retraction of the story and threatened to sue The Washington Post for defamation in a letter published Monday.
...Patrick Maines criticized the story in The Hill, calling it “perhaps the shoddiest piece of feature writing since Rolling Stone published its blatantly false story about a campus rape at the University of Virginia.”
“You did not provide even a single example of ‘fake news’ allegedly distributed or promoted by Naked Capitalism or indeed any of the 200 sites on the PropOrNot blacklist,” Naked Capitalism’s lawyer added in the letter.
“You provided no discussion or assessment of the credentials or backgrounds of these so-called ‘researchers’ (Clint Watts, Andrew Weisburd, and J.M. Berger and the ‘team’ at PropOrNot), and no discussion or analysis of the methodology, protocol or algorithms such ‘researchers’ may or may not have followed.”

Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change

Pew: Only 27% of Americans Believe There is Consensus That Human Activity Causes Climate Change:
"A recent survey by the non-partisan Pew Research Center found that a large majority of Americans are skeptical about the prevailing scientific understanding of climate change, with only 27 percent saying they believe there is a consensus that human activity is its main cause..."

Pro-Life Win: Ohio Senate Passes 'Heartbeat Bill' | Daily Wire

Pro-Life Win: Ohio Senate Passes 'Heartbeat Bill' | Daily Wire:

"Ohio Senate passed a major piece of pro-life legislation dubbed the "heartbeat bill," reports the Associated Press. The legislation would ban abortions on babies with a beating heart, which can be detected as early as six weeks. "

Professor tells students: Trump's election an 'act of terrorism'

Professor tells students: Trump's election an 'act of terrorism' (VIDEO) - The College Fix
"An Orange Coast College psychology instructor lamented the election of Donald Trump to her human sexuality class recently, saying “we have been assaulted, it’s an act of terrorism,” according to a video of the comments posted on YouTube earlier this week.
...The video shows the professor saying in part: “… white supremacist and a vice president that is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country. And so we are in for a difficult time but again I do believe that we can get past that. Our nation is divided, we have been assaulted, it’s an act of terrorism. One of the most frightening things for me and most people in my life is that the people creating the assault are among us.”
...“This is what is happens on college campuses,” he said.
The teachers union representing Cox wants to see the College Republicans and the student who took the video punished over the recording, Recalde-Martinez added.
“The union wanted to come after us and specifically that student for having recorded that video. 
...“She’s using her power as a teacher who gives grades, with a captive audience, to basically scare and shame students,” Steel told the newspaper. 
“It’s alarming. It’s scare-mongering. It’s irrational. It’s a rant. And it doesn’t belong in the classroom.”
The student who videotaped the instructor, Steel added, was “well within his or her First Amendment rights,” the Register reports.

Michigan owes Green Party's Stein a refund since ballot recount stops

Michigan owes Green Party's Stein a refund since ballot recount stops
"Green Party candidate Jill Stein is in line for a big check from the State of Michigan after the recount she requested was stopped by a federal judge and the state Board of Canvassers after only three days of counting ballots.
Under state law, Stein had to pay $125 per precinct — or $973,250 — to count Michigan’s 7,786 in-person and absentee voting precincts.
That check was delivered to state officials when she requested the recount last week.
Now, with only a fraction of the recount completed, Michigan’s Secretary of State is prepared to refund a portion of that amount, said Fred Woodhams, spokesman for Secretary of State Ruth Johnson.
Stein will have to pay for the precincts in Michigan that were counted, but she will not be charged for the precincts that couldn’t be counted because of problems with the ballot containers..."

Lunch video-----Chuck Norris SHOOTING Random People


Time Warner CEO: Democrats, not Trump, Threatened First Amendment

Time Warner CEO: Democrats, not Trump, Threatened First Amendment:

"Speaking to the Business Insider IGNITION conference in New York City, Bewkes pointed out that the Democratic Party “had a campaign plank to change the First Amendment, and they were doing it in the guise of campaign finance reform.”

Indeed, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ran on an explicit pledge to change the First Amendment in order to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, which held that free speech extended to unions and corporations."

Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board ends run on the bank, stops $154M in withdrawals

Dallas Police and Fire Pension Board ends run on the bank, stops $154M in withdrawals | Dallas City Hall | Dallas News:
"The Dallas Police and Fire Pension System's Board of Trustees suspended lump-sum withdrawals from the pension fund Thursday, staving off a possible restraining order and stopping $154 million in withdrawal requests.
The system was set to pay out the weekly requests Friday.
Pension officials said allowing the withdrawals would leave them without the liquid reserves required to sustain the $2.1 billion fund.
"Our situation is currently critical, and we took action," board chairman Sam Friar said.
Image result for pension failurePension officials and many police and firefighters have blamed Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings for forcing the latest run on the bank.
Dozens of retirees rushed to request withdrawals after Rawlings filed a lawsuit Monday to stop the withdrawals.
By then, more than $500 million had already gushed from the fund since the board proposed benefit cuts in August.
Rawlings  told a crowd gathered Thursday afternoon at a Dallas Regional Chamber that "the bleeding has stopped. We can turn this ship around."
...Council member Philip Kingston, a board trustee, said the mayor "unquestionably" forced the pension board's hand. He said Thursday was "the worst day I've had in public office."
"Unfortunately, financially, this had to happen," he said.
Kingston said the tough decision will be worth it if it means the pension, which is hurtling toward insolvency within the next decade or so, can be saved.
...Both taxpayers and police and firefighters will have to share in the pain, he said..."

This'll raise yer spirits!-----Watch: Hillary Clinton greeted by sobbing women on Capitol Hill

Watch: Hillary Clinton greeted by sobbing women on Capitol Hill | Washington Examiner
"Hillary Clinton was greeted by sobbing, ecstatic women on her way out of an event on Capitol Hill in Washington on Thursday.
The ardent supporters thanked the Democratic presidential nominee for running for president, albeit unsuccessfully.
The group of 20-something-year-olds cried as Clinton shook their hands.
Clinton was in the company of former vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine, a Democratic senator from Virginia...."

Dems attend Harry Reid’s portrait unveil and this hilarious photo happened. Spot anything?

Dems attend Harry Reid’s portrait unveil and this hilarious photo happened. Spot anything? –
"So, this just happened:
The past, present and future of the Democratic Party here for the Harry Reid portrait unveiling in Kennedy Caucus Room.
Um. We don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.
The past, present and future of the Democratic Party here for the Harry Reid portrait unveiling in Kennedy Caucus Room.
The past, present and future of the Democratic Party here for the Harry Reid portrait unveiling in Kennedy Caucus Room.
The past, present and future of the Democratic Party here for the Harry Reid portrait unveiling in Kennedy Caucus Room.
"Oh dear. Democrats: 
Never learning and becoming more and more irrelevant. 
But, at least they are totally hip to those boss whippersnapper-y kids these days and stuff, right? 
No squares here! 
They are the cat’s pajamas and can swing dance to that new-fangled “big band” stuff with the best of them, Daddy-o!"